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The Adjuster Wants to Talk to You

The Adjuster Wants to Talk to You He or she seems nice, what is the harm in talking to him or her? The best way to ruin a perfectly good case is by talking to an adjuster. Why? Because we like to talk, and adjusters are trained to get you to talk. Their goal is to get you to admit to things that wil…
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What's My Diary Have to Do With My Car Crash?

Prove pain and suffering and loss of a normal life to a jury, so that it resonates and turns into compensation. Believe it or not, keeping a diary following a personal injury is a key way to do this.
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Why Can't I DIY?

WHY CAN’T I DIY? We live in a time where there is a mother lode of information available, where the spirit of DIY seeps into every part of our existence. With nothing more than a mobile phone, you can find out the weather forecast, pay your bills, send a video of the concert you went to, post to F…
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Jury Duty!

JURY DUTY! The very phrase “jury duty” often sends the average person into a fit of anger, stress, despondence, and fear. And why not? Most of us are busy enough trying to live life, work our jobs, care for our families, and get by. Jury duty intrudes upon things we’d rather do or…
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A YEAR OF SUCCESSES AND BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE The year of 2014 was a challenging and successful one for Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC. Results are never easy to achieve, rarely is a good or great result assured without significant effort, and there are always roadblocks and twists along the…
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Do I Need a Lawyer? Why You Should Retain a Lawyer for Your Injury or Workers' Compensation Case

DO I NEED A LAWYER? One of the most frequent questions people ask me is whether they “need” a lawyer to handle their personal injury or workers’ compensation case. While there are certainly instances when matters can be handled without legal assistance, there are many good reasons…
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There's Been An Accident...And A Resolution

THERE’S BEEN AN ACCIDENT…AND A RESOLUTION Somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of all personal injury cases ultimately settle prior to verdict. This sounds efficient, but getting to that point is a long and arduous process that can take many years and cost a significant amount of money. Unlike wh…
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