In 2021, I fell and tore up my shoulder at work. This was due to some mats that the employees had warned the administration about. I’m a nurse. When they finally ok’d my visit to a surgeon, I actually picked one that was one of the owners of my surgical facility. I picked him because of his skill and expertise. The interesting thing is that he was the one who urged me to get a workman’s comp lawyer. So I googled WC lawyers and found Steve. I liked his personality over the phone; he had good reviews so I hired him. This was the beginning of a 3+ year struggle to get compensation from my employer. I had surgery; physical therapy and was actually able to return to work after a very long rehab. To say that the insurance company dragged their feet is a GROSS understatement. But all through this 3 year struggle, Steve kept me informed and updated even when there was no news. This whole thing is very complicated and I’m so glad I listened to my surgeon. What the insurance company and Human Resources try to do is beat you down at every step, and without an attorney running interference, they will have you questioning your own sanity. I believe they drag it out in the hopes the injured party will just give up. Fortunately, I had an attorney with a good sense of humor that kept me from being discouraged; explained everything and didn’t let me give up. I don’t know how he managed to deal with so many idiots—-I sure wouldn’t be able to without screaming like a fishwife over the phone. I’m glad it’s over but I have learned a lot. And now, when someone has an accident at their job, I’m the one saying, ‘Get a lawyer. I’ve got a name.’ BTW, I never saw him in the flesh until we met so I could pick up the checks. He’s extremely tall.

– Barbara,★★★★★ on Avvo.com

I had great experience with Stephen. Very professional and prompt. I was hit by a drunk driver and I learned so much from this car accident and from Stephan. I was absolutely clueless about car insurance and Stephen took the time to explain everything to me. Exceed expectation.

★★★★★ on Avvo & Yelp

In August 2017 when I was hit by an uninsured and unlicensed driver, I thought my biggest issue was the tens of thousands of dollars damage to my brand new car. After the initial shock wore off, the amount of pain experienced in both my neck and back set my mind racing in a different direction. After visits to the doctor along with starting physical therapy, I reluctantly sought advice from friends and family regarding the road I had ahead of me. Although litigious is not a word I would ever describe myself as, my insurance company was all too quick dismiss my concerns and downplay the required road to recovery. After speaking with Stephen he reassured me of one simple fact??? Although I had insurance, and as much as they were appearing to help and be on my side, I needed an advocate to monitor the situation while I focused on just getting better. After 5 long years (way longer than I ever imagined) of therapy, injections, acupuncture, dry needling, two spinal fusions, and more and more therapy, Stephen stayed by my side and kept my spirits up and paperwork in order. He advocated on my behalf at every step, and especially when it mattered the most at the end, he used every tool at his disposal to make sure I was represented properly and my health and lifetime of recovery was considered in our final settlement. Stephen obtained the best possible outcome for me and for the first time in five long years I was able to be at peace and finally start to put all of this behind me. I couldn???t have asked for a better advocate, and highly recommend Stephen as the lawyer you want to have in your corner.

– Adnan ★★★★★ on Avvo

Stephen Hoffman is an awesome lawyer. A master negotiator. Sincere in his concern about his client's well being. Always accessible. Consistently keeps his client abreast on his progress. We were lucky to find him. No one was interested in our case. One lawyer bluntly told us we didn't have a case at all. Others were more polite and said it was not the kind of case that interested them. In our moment of being totally discouraged, someone suggested we call Stephen Hoffman. We made that call, and he began to work on our behalf immediately. We are so pleased and grateful. He is a rare and exceptional person who brings those qualities into his practice. He worked his magic of negotiating skills against settlement offers that were embarrassingly low. He was patient and persistent in pursuing what ultimately resulted in great settlements for us. We are so grateful and pleased that he took us as clients. If you need a great lawyer to help ease your anxiety and maneuver you through a difficult auto injury, call Stephen Hoffman.

– Jm and M, ★★★★★ on Avvo.com
I had my first car accident this year and I didn’t have a clue to what I should do. It’s a good thing that my friend recommended Stephen to me as he helped me all the way since day 1. He is always available to answer any question and would guide you properly on the whole entire process. Thanks to him handling my case everything turned out well.
– Geoffrey,★★★★★ on Avvo.com

This man is amazing. I was referred to him by my family lawyer he always kept in touch and kept me informed about my case I even referred him to a close friend and he did a great job for him also if I ever needed a workers compensation lawyer again I wouldn't think twice about calling Stephen Hoffman to represent me again he is a great man and a great lawyer

– Josh, ★★★★★ on Google

I found Stephen to be extremely thorough and responsive whether we communicated via phone or email. Most importantly, Stephen was kind and sympathetic based on an unfortunate incident I went through. I highly recommend Stephen.

– Denise, ★★★★★ on Google

I was able to achieve great results with attorney Stephen Lawrence due to his efforts, attentiveness, professionalism, and above all his superb communication skills. Any question or concern I had along the way was promptly addressed and it was very easy putting my trust in him to achieve the desired outcome. My only regret is not finding him sooner.

– Tara, ★★★★★ on Avvo.com


I don’t wish an accident to happen to anyone but if this ever happens, I will not hesitate to recommend Atty Stephen L. Hoffman for assistance. He has excellent personal injury negotiating & leverage skills; a lost art in America Mr. Hoffmans blog is a relevant and timely source of information. He answers his phone and my questions promptly and with empathy for my situation. He skillfully navigated the entire process based upon his years of experience from the very first (counter-intuitive) phase to the final (Yipee!) outcome.

– Maribel

Great, Knowledgable Lawyer! Would HIGHLY recommend

Stephen was referred to me through a mutual friend after I was rear-ended by a semi-truck and received a concussion. From the start, he was extremely communicative and he even jumped on a call with me to have a chat about my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and walked me through every step of the process. There is absolutely no way I would have ever been able to achieve the same results without him. I would not have even known where to start. I highly recommend Stephen to everyone - and I've done so to all of my friends and relatives!

– Paulina, ★★★★★ on Avvo.com
I had a great experience with Stephen. He was thorough and transparent throughout the entire process and I am extremely satisfied. He is knowledgeable and very efficient. He recognized all relevant issues with my case and dealt with them. He explains things clearly and succinctly, which is an important quality you don't find in all attorneys. He was very prompt about returning my calls and I never felt like I had to chase him down to ask a question. He gets good results and I would definitely use him again.
– Tony
Stephen is honest with information, responded immediately to any questions and treated me with respect. He helped me walk through the process and get the money I deserved from the case. Great attorney and good work! Thank you Stephen
– Ram
He walked me though the entire process.. he thoroughly explained things to me as they unfolded. He took time to speak to me.. I was not just another case. I highly recommend him.
– Chrisitna
I found Stephen on the Internet while looking for a lawyer downtown Chicago. I consider myself very lucky to find such a professional lawyer in all aspects from beginning to end. Every step always went 123 all the way tell Until the end, always being informed.
– Alan Grudzien

Stephen was recommended to me by a big time lawyer I knew but didn't handle worker's comp cases, which my case was. Even though I hadn't talked with him till after my injury, surgery, and 7 months of physical therapy plus the workers comp agent denying any more PT. Stephen took the case,making sure I understood everything he could or couldn't do,he promptly got the insurance provider to cover a individual medical evaluation by the best there was. This lead to a second surgery and more PT, all covered by the insurance provider, until I reached maximum medical improvement witch I believe wouldn't have happened without Stephen ' s help. Throughout this process Stephen was always willing to listen to my concerns and made sure I understood everything that was happening. I am better now and received a very satisfying settlement, all due to Stephen Hoffman ' s efforts. I highly recommend him

– Daniel

Stephen works hard and responds fast. His work ethic is admirable. He fights hard and makes sure you come first. This guy cares. He took on my injury and workmans comp case and made sure everything was taken care of. Any question I asked was answered quick and precise. Less stress and guides you through the process. I got paid more than I thought I'd get.

– Michael C.

In May 2015, I came to Chicago to care for a 92 year-old, terminally ill father. He loved gardening, but was unable to do much of anything—just sit on his front porch, and gaze upon his beloved garden. Each year he would take my 89 year-old mother (who had Alzheimer’s) to a garden center to let her pick out annuals. Together, they would work in their garden to plant fresh flowers each year. Due to the terminal diagnosis, I knew he would never be able to do this ever again. Trying to lift my father’s spirits, I went shopping at a big box store’s garden center. While shopping, I fell and broke my arm in the garden center of that big box store. The bills from four ER visits started arriving. The first one was manageable, but the bills kept pouring in, eventually totaling near $10,000.

There have been only two times in my life when I’ve had to use a lawyer. The first lawyer, was a good lawyer and he successfully mediated my case to a resolution. But the second lawyer was Stephen Hoffman. He is beyond a “good” lawyer. Though I didn’t know it at the time, Stephen would play a crucial part in my life, not only as a lawyer, but my representative for everything I wasn’t accomplishing speaking to the company’s representative. My initial conversation was Stephen listening to my story from beginning to end. Personal problems and all. He was brutally honest as he explained in great detail, how these kinds of cases usually ended unsuccessfully. Despite that, and knowing what I was going through in my personal life, he agreed to take my case anyway. In the beginning Stephen had me get every single document relating to my fall, even the receipt for my merchandise. While I spent days in the hospital with my father, Stephen was hard at work, putting together the best possible case. He worked hard and in a timely manner, always aware and sensitive to my father’s worsening condition.

Stephen was professional, attentive, prompt, communicative, patient, thorough, and empathetic to what I was going through with my dying father. He paid close attention to all the small details—things I would never, ever have thought of. I realized that hiring Stephen was the best thing I could have done in my situation, all the way around. As he continued to fight on my behalf, I was now spending 24 hours a day at my father’s side.

I found it difficult to keep up with Stephen, as he aggressively began his fight for justice for me. He was diligent, yet always sensitive to my caring for my father. Every time he and I talked, we spent a great deal of time talking about my case. In the beginning, it was all about my case, but as time went on, Stephen began hearing me pour my heart out about my father. Eventually, my father died, but what started out as a lawyer client relationship, turned out to be a big part of my support team. His sensitivity was something completely unexpected.

After all that happened in the following months, was a call from Stephen, with the news that he had successfully brought my case to resolution, not only for damages, but above and beyond what was initially expected. A lawyer who begins a conversation with you regarding a high rate of being unsuccessful, then calls you to give you the good news that justice had been served, goes beyond the uncertainty of an initial conversation, with a lawyer who had the integrity to be honest from the beginning. If I ever need another lawyer, Stephen is certainly the once for me.

– Anita M. Garza, a Personal Injury Client.

I had a bicycle accident with UBER and posted a question about that on Avvo. Stephen replied almost immediately, and was very helpful with advices. I asked Stephen to work on my case and it turned out to be the best decision. I couldn't be happier with how Stephen handles his clients, he was guiding me the whole process and replied my emails within a minutes, even beyond the work hours and on weekends. The case took about 9 months, and during that he always kept in touch with me, providing the updates. Last but not least, he got me quite a good settlement. I highly recommend him, very honest and caring professional.

– Victor
Stephen Hoffman took on my case over two years ago. He has been extremely efficient, supportive and available throughout the lengthy process of resolving my case and obtaining the best possible settlement. He will be on your side and help you understand the complexity of the process by taking the time to explain each option and each possible outcome. I highly recommend him!
– Camille C., a personal injury client.
We hired Stephen after a work-related head injury, and he exceeded expectation in every category. He was always on top of things, communicated clearly and professionally throughout, and the settlement was far more than we initially thought possible. Stephen was realistic throughout, never over-hyping the situation but always going the extra mile to make sure we got the best result possible. Went above and beyond out expectations and was accessible and accommodating throughout. It was a difficult case and I'm confident that Stephen got us the best result possible.
– Brittany, a workers' compensation client, and her husband, David
Stephen is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. He will guide you through the whole process from A to Z. He always responds on all phone calls, emails and texts very fast, I never had to wait. If you are looking for a good lawyer he is the one.
– Natalie, a personal injury client.
I hired Mr. Hoffman after I was in a terrible car accident. The other driver had little and insurance, mine was slightly better but not the best. The amount of insurance was dwarfed by my medical bills. Mr. Hoffman was very honest and made everything very clear. He was willing to go to no end to make sure I understood every aspect of the process. At the end of it all he was able to negotiate and reduce medical bills and also reduced the amount I owed for collecting disability. He was always very professional and helpful, I could not have asked for a better experience and I highly recommend Mr. Hoffman
– Jay W., a personal injury client.
Unfortunately, due to an auto accident myself and my husband were involved in we were in need of a personal injury lawyer. Mr. Hoffman took a chance on our case and we are grateful he did. He fought for the best possible outcome. He had excellent communication throughput the entire case/process. We highly recomend him!
– Dina, a personal injury client
I had searched for an attorney that could help me when I was rear-ended. I read review after review and nothing but good things were being said about Stephen. So I submitted an inquiry online through AVVO. Within the same day I received a voicemail and a follow-email from Stephen. I called him back and before the end of our phone conversation I knew he would be the right attorney to represent me. Throughout the entire process he updated me both via phone and email. He was honest and provided the necessary feedback to assist me in making the right decisions. With my case settled I am more than happy with the hard work Stephen put in. Without doubt deserves the highest rate. I highly recommend Stephen.
– John M., a personal injury client
I was injured at work. Stephen Hoffman was the lawyer who handled my workers’ compensation case. I got his name from another lawyer who knew him personally, and I am so glad, as he handled everything professionally, keep me informed the entire time, and explained everything to me. My job as a nurse requires me to lift and assist patients, and I hurt my wrist doing this. Even after surgery, it was unclear whether my employer would accommodate my desire to return to work with limits on using my one hand and arm. Mr. Hoffman negotiated a settlement that included assurances that my job would continue to accommodate my limitations. I still have the job I enjoy and he secured me a significant workers’ compensation settlement that is all income tax-free. I could not be happier with the outcome. Stephen Hoffman is not only a great lawyer, but he is a thoroughly decent person. It was a pleasure having him as my workers’ compensation attorney.
– Manjit S., a workers’ compensation client.

It's a shame that you have to go through having a bad attorney to know what a great one is. I got into a car accident, where the other motorist rear ended me. I ended up suffering a concussion. Stephen was so informational, and helpful throughout the whole process. I've had my share of bad lawyers and attorneys, but Stephen is not one of them. THANK YOU AGAIN.

– Car Accident Client

We got rear ended by a uninsured motorists and Stephen helped us with the process every step of the way. He response very quickly and will walk you through the process step by step. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer to deal with escpecially when they make sure you get all your bills paid. If you are thinking of getting a lawyer, don't hesitate in picking Stephen!

– Personal Injury Client

Stephen Hoffman is a fantastic Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation lawyer and his efforts led to a great result in my car crash case!

While on a business trip to Chicago from my native Florida, I was involved in an auto crash where I was hit from behind. Unfortunately for me, just days before I'd left for Chicago, I had consulted with a back surgeon about neck and back issues and whether surgery was warranted. While the crash definitely made these problems worse, there is no question that some of the problems existed beforehand.

I had no real idea where to turn or what to do. After some research on the Internet, I found Stephen Hoffman, as a Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation lawyer who could assist me. He immediately relaxed me, both reassuring me and explaining every step of the way what was happening and why, as well as what the overall strategy would be.

Potentially, I had "two cases in one," with a workers' compensation claim against my employer and a personal injury claim against the car that struck me. Added to this complexity, there were issues about what my insurance would and would not cover (I was in a rental car, on business, out of state; suffice it to say my personal auto carrier refused to pay my medical bills because of this--a cautionary tale for any traveling businesspeople!). Additionally, workers' compensation had a lien on the personal injury case and was entitled to recover what it had paid out in the event I settled the injury case. Stephen Hoffman patiently explained all of this and did his best to discover all possible avenues through which I could seek recovery.

Ultimately, I was able to avoid surgery. While the auto carrier leaned heavily on its theory that much of my injuries were pre-existing, the more-or-less "no fault" nature of workers' compensation allowed me to maximize my recovery in that arena.

Stephen walked me through every offer and demand, explaining his strategy and offering me input to the process. In the end, we decided to pursue the workers' compensation case only. The settlement achieved exceeded my wildest expectations.

Stephen did a phenomenal job in persuading the employer's insurance carrier to continue increasing the offer. At one point, I had provided my okay to accept the offer. He then got them to increase that by over 50% more. I could not be happier with the job he did for me or the way he worked with me and for me, allowing me to participate fully as a partner in the process. Believe it or not, Stephen always responds to emails and phone calls and answers every question promptly. Great customer service!

Without hesitation, I recommend Stephen Hoffman! -Michael L., a Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Client

I was injured in a car vs. pedestrian accident. Stephen was recommended to me by a family member, and never having used a lawyer, I was glad to have the name of someone who was held in high esteem personally and professionally. The results of my accident involved an extended period of time lost from work, having to navigate the medical process of having surgery through completing physical therapy, and, of course, the legal case against the driver who hit me.

I was underinsured at the time of the accident and so was the driver, which is unfortunate. In addition to making sure that the driver’s insurance company paid out the maximum amount, Stephen also encouraged me to examine my insured status further. It turns out I was also covered under a family member’s auto insurance policy as I was staying under their roof at the time of the accident. Stephen managed to win for me a far greater sum than if I had only relied on the driver’s insurance. It’s a good thing that I had Stephen in my corner.

Stephen showed patience in answering my questions promptly at all times during the legal process. Trusting in his attention to every legal detail left me to focus on my recovery. He even provided encouragement when the pace of my recovery process seemed to lag. When it came time for the settlement to be handed over, Stephen and I met for breakfast and discussed how the legal proceedings went. Learning more about him, such as his previous career in education and his strong work ethic rounded out the picture for me. Stephen Hoffman was a great choice.

-Quinn Scott

I recommend Stephen Hoffman.

Got into an accident in August of 2014, got my ribs broken. called attorney Hoffman and he disposed of the whole case within 6 months! And got me a nice settlement! Other attorneys turned me down and said my case was worthless. Attorney Hoffman took me on as a client and won! Very good attorney with a great personable attitude

– Stefan

After interviewing several attorneys, Mr. Hoffman stood out from the rest. I came across him in reviews such as those on Avvo, Yelp, and Thumbtack. I didn't think I had a good case, but he assured me I had a very good case and he exceeded my expectations. Mr. Hoffman was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. He kept communication simple and understanding. Mr. Hoffman also did an excellent job in getting the maximum amount of money from the insurance company as well as paying for all hospital bills. He answered every call and replied to my emails in a timely manner. He kept me informed every step of the way. Mr. Hoffman became more of a friend than my attorney. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hoffman to all family and friends.

– Erasmo G., a personal injury client

Stephen went above and beyond in my case. He was always available to answer any questions I had regarding my case and even other things that I had legal questions about that weren't regarding my case he was handling. He made sure that the insurance company paid all my medical bills from my fall because of their clients negligence. You will not find a better, more caring and kind person. If you need any legal help you can't go wrong by choosing Stephen. I would give him an A+++ for his services!

– Denise Muirhead, Slip and Fall Client

I never thought I would find myself in the kind of situation that would require the services of an attorney with personal injury expertise. Sure enough, last year I found Stephen Hoffman based on his positive ratings on Avvo and contacted him while I was laid up with a broken ankle after having done some unscheduled ice dancing on a Chicago sidewalk.

I couldn't have found a better attorney! Every step of the way, Stephen kept me in the loop; hearing my concerns, giving me honest feedback and using past experience to chart where he thought we stood in the short and long term of our case and any resolutions. Throughout the process, I felt like a partner and active participant in my case. It was a hugely positive experience. In my specific situation, Stephen was able to successfully negotiate a settlement, negotiate with Blue Cross (my health insurance), and avoid court. I was tremendously happy with his results. Stephen and I tended to communicate most easily by email; I enjoyed that method and it saved me a lot of time.

In my experience, SLR is a tremendously sharp, compassionate, intelligent, and hardworking attorney. Plus, he's got an awesome sense of humor. I would definitely hire him again or recommend him to friends and family.

– Chris, Personal Injury Client

Stephen set us at ease from the start and did a good job of relating to our situation. We had never gone to an injury lawyer before but he was excellent at explaining the process in simple non-legal terms as far as how things would likely work out. He went above and beyond and even did some detective work regarding our case. And he turned out to be correct and was able to do an amazing job to help us get back on our feet after a very scary incident.

From start to finish, he kept us in the loop and was very clear on what we needed to do and when, and was ultimately able to get us the maximum value based on our situation. We would absolutely recommend Stephen to anyone in need of an injury lawyer.

– Client

I received a very bad electrical shock at work while working with an improperly installed/maintained crane at work last year. Though my symptoms after this incident were immediate and severe, they were not typical issues associated with electrical injuries. Due to this my employer claimed that my injury was not work related and refused to cover anything associated with my injury, including the initial doctor visit.

I was then told that it was unlikely I would receive anything from workman’s compensation by an attorney friend of mine who practices in a different state. At this point I didn’t expect much, but did my research and found Mr. Stephen Hoffman who agreed to look into my case.

Upon speaking with Mr. Hoffman he presented me my options and gave me a realistic assessment of my situation from a legal perspective. Although several people including Mr. Hoffman had told me it would be very difficult to win my case, he agreed to pursue it. I’m sure this was because he understood my situation, believed my story, and thought it was the right thing to do.

Mr. Hoffman took on my “unwinnable” case with the clear understanding that it was unlikely that the time he put in on it would provide any payoff in the end. Even still Mr. Hoffman spent the next several months arguing on my behalf with my employer and their insurance provider, and in the end was able to win a settlement that covered the medical bills and time I lost related to this injury.

In the grand scheme of things my case was relatively small in dollars and severity, but Stephen Hoffman pursued it with the same vigor you’d expect with the largest of cases and won for me when I’d been assured by several attorneys that it was “nearly impossible to prove” my case.

Thank you Stephen for your time, your efforts, and the respectful treatment you gave me and my case from start to finish.

– Ian Monaghan

Stephen did a great job of explaining the entire process to me, the pros and cons of each step, and the strengths and weaknesses of my case.

Despite some facts that were clearly stacked against me, Stephen secured a great settlement for my injuries when a porch railing collapsed and threw me two stories to the ground. My heel was fractured and needed surgery. I still have screws in my heel, but I am back at work and mostly pain-free.

Stephen got me a fantastic result in a very short time period despite some definite problems in proving my case. He pushed hard and demonstrated the defective condition of the porch. This convinced the property owner to compensate me fairly.

In all, Stephen was great to work with, taking the time to respond to every email, phone call, or text message I sent him, answering all my questions, keeping me completely aware of everything going on in my case, and getting a great result. I recommend his firm for anyone who wants a great lawyer with superior communication skills.

– Client, a male in his mid-30's

After being rear-ended in a construction zone by a semi-truck, I knew had a strong case. However, after working in the legal profession myself for more than a decade, I was selective with finding proper representation. While everyone wants "a good lawyer," what drove my search was a bit different. I refused to support the all-too-common aggressive shark; I instead wanted to retain an attorney whose motives I believed in. I wanted to hire someone whose ethics and values resonated with my own - someone whose contingent fee I would feel good about supporting when the case was closed. Meet Stephen Hoffman. I found Stephen through reviews such as these. He piqued my interest with his vast social reputation. I appreciated his tech-savvy nature, and his clients' reviews were all positive to boot. Stephen made it to round two, because of his commitment to advancing the profession via his work with the Chicago Bar Association Solo and Small Practitioner Committee. An attorney who commits time to bettering the profession would likely have high standards for his own practice. But what was the deciding factor to choose Stephen as my counsel? His character. Stephen is a down-to-earth, honest, humble, and caring attorney - rare traits in this field. Throughout the case, I was confident having Stephen by my side. He kept me well-informed, emailed often, and even drove to my office to meet. When hiring an attorney, you have a choice, and I am honored to say that I chose Stephen Hoffman - a lawyer whose ethics and personality not only earned my business, but also should be the standard in attorney-client relationships.

– Amy P., Personal Injury Client

During the winter of 2010, I was in an establishment where I slipped down the stairs and broke my ankle. When I spoke to other lawyers, they all said I didn't have case. Then, I came across Mr. Stephen Hoffman. He told me that there were no guarantees, but he would look into it to see if there was any chance of liability for the venue. He was very professional, prompt and kept me abreast of every aspect of the process. In the end, the owner of the establishment did have to address the matter on some level. All because of Mr. Hoffman. I would highly recommend him for legal counsel. The lawyer profession has a bad reputation among it's ranks, Mr. Hoffman is definitely the exception.

– D. McCoy

Stephen Hoffman did a wonderful job in resolving my workers' compensation case.

I hurt my back at work but didn't really understand the process of how workers' comp operated. Stephen was very patient in explaining this to me, even going so far as to drive me to doctor's appointments so that I would understand completely what the course of treatment should be. He explained much of what the doctors were saying, told me why they were suggesting it, and even explained why certain things were happening in the case.

I decided against more surgery and eventually the situation improved enough after more than three years to where he was able to settle my case for a lump sum of money and I am very satisfied with this outcome.

I highly recommend Stephen L. Hoffman and Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC enough for workers' compensation. He really cares about his clients and did a great job.

– Adriana, a workers' compensation client

I was hurt at work and did not want to report it because I was a manager and was worried about the company's bottom line. I ended up causing myself more damage. Mr. Hoffman was able to back track my injury and got me the necessary medical treatment I needed and a fair financial settlement. I recommend Mr. Hoffman to everyone who needs an excellent attorney.

– Richard

Stephen has helped me twice with great results. Once I was doored by a car while riding my bicycle. I had to see a chiropractor for months and he fought the insurance companies that refused to pay. I got my bills paid and a better settlement than expected. Than a month ago he got my landlord to return the my deposit when I couldn't even get my landlord to return a call. And he did it all pro bono! Highly recommended.

– Jim T.

Stephen Hoffman is very personable. He takes time with his clients and cares about them. Will keep you updated in a timely manner. No questions you may have is minor treats. All questions and conversations with the same importance. He will treat you as family.

– Bev B.

Stephen Hoffman has been a terrific attorney for me. He has been very patient, explaining everything as it unfolded. He is responsive to my phone calls and inquiries, and keeps me informed evey step of the way.

– RatePoint Reviewer

Mr. Hoffman is a very good lawyer. Anyone who needs a lawyer should hire him. He is wonderful, compassionate, trustworthy He will listen well, and inform you with details of your case I never had any problem with him, I was very satisfied with his handling of my car accident case fast and successfully. Just leave everything to him and relax, he will take care of it you don't have to worry about anything."

– Shahnaz Begum

Stephen helped me deal with a very dysfunctional condominium association. He was consistently dedicated, pleasant, and was a joy to have as my advocate. Stephen did a wonderful job of addressing all of my concerns, mapping out a strategy, and communicating with me. He consistently exceeded my expectations and truly listened to me even when the stress of the situation made things difficult for me to handle gracefully.

– Warren L.

Mr. Hoffman helped us through a difficult Workmen's Comp. case involving both shoulders and a wrist injury. He was receptive to our concerns, thoughtful , and eager to explain the options avaible to us. He responded to our questions and concerns in a timely manner.

His practical and knowledgeable approach lead our case through this process to a successful end. We would highly recommend his professionalism and expertise to both family and friends.

Mr. Hoffman helped to make a very difficult time a lot less stressful.

– Barney P.

Mr. Hoffman aided us when there was a death in our family and a trust involved. He quickly directed us to a course of action that eliminated any confrontations with others involved. His explanations and recommendations were clear and easily understood by those of us unfamiliar with legalize. The bill we received was also easily understood and more than reasonable. Mr. Hoffman made an uncomfortable situation tolerable.

– G.B. and M.B.

I was injured at work three separate times. Stephen was so patient with me, taking the time to listen to all of my concerns, even attending some of my medical appointments. He did everything humanly possible to convince his opponent that they were incorrect on the many disputed issues.

Ultimately, he successfully got all of my medical treatment, including shoulder surgery) paid for by my employer (when they had refused even a diagnostic test of the shoulder initially), and settled my two separate claims for my injuries for far more money than I had ever expected.

Stephen was a gem in that he honestly cared about me as a person and got great results for me without ever forgetting to ask how I was doing. He was extremely responsive, never failing to return a phone call or email the very same day. I highly recommend him!

– Karen R.

He was very prompt on all replies and kept me informed in very timely manner. I was 100% satisfied with his service. I would recommend him with out doubts. My case was little difficult because I've moved to out of state right after my accident. He resolved it very well.

Thank you.

– Christine L.

Stephen was successful in helping me resolve a dispute and recover my funds, without litigation. He was able to get the first letter drafted the day we spoke and the issue was settled and my check in hand my the end of the week. He kept me updated every step of the way and I felt very comfortable working with him.

– Past Client

Stephen Hoffman did a fabulous job on my case, not only with the end result exceeding my expectations many times over, but in his personal involvement and caring attention to every detail.

I was involved in a serious auto crash in the Spring of 2008 which resulted in a herniated disc in my lower back and torn soft tissue in my knee. As a result, I had surgeries on both my back and knee and missed nearly six months of work. In addition, my left side was severely bruised and I suffered permanent nerve damage to my left leg and hip.

Stephen really listened to me and helped me through some of the times when the pain and stress of the situation started to overwhelm me. He explained every step of the legal process and made sure I understood his planned strategy and included me as a partner in this process.

Not only is Stephen a great lawyer but he is a hard-working and compassionate person. This combination led to a great result in my case. I recommend him to anyone!

– Elizabeth K.

I was injured while working. Unfortunately, it became a very complicated and disputed workers' compensation case. To add insult to the additional injury, I also developed other symptoms following my surgery that were difficult to connect to the original injury. For a variety of reasons, the insurance company would not pay anything on my case.

I contacted Stephen L. Hoffman of Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC after receiving his name from a lawyer I trust who does not handle this area of the law. Stephen could not have been more concerned, helpful, or dogged in his determination to get a good result under less-than-ideal circumstances. He kept me informed regularly, made sure I understood everything happening with my case, both negative and positive, and even discussed strategy with me prior to engaging in action.

After months of hard work, Stephen took my case, which was denied and going nowhere, and was able to find a creative way to resolve it for far more money than I ever expected. He even visited my home to distribute the award due to my inability to drive and my far away location.

It is great to have someone fighting for you and also treating you like a human being and a partner in your case. Stephen fit all of this and then some! I recommend him highly as a caring and dedicated lawyer for workers' compensation and personal injury.

– Scott B., Beecher, IL

I sustained a torn rotator cuff when I fell while at work. At first, I was not really sure what my rights were or even how to go about filing a case under the Workers' Compensation Act. I called Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC after seeing an article on workers' compensation written by Stephen Hoffman that explained rights under workers' compensation.

Stephen L. Hoffman did such a great job of explaining the entire process to me, filing my case, and ultimately settling it for far more money than I had contemplated, it made the entire experience a good one, despite the fact that I would have preferred never having to hurt my shoulder or undergo surgery in the first place.

Stephen L. Hoffman, of the Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC, made my entire experience as a first-time client a learning experience. Every question I had was answered by my attorney. I was able to contact Stephen by phone and email and receive a response within hours if he was not available. He kept me advised of everything that happened in my case, explained the import of each twist and turn, and made sure I understood the entire process and what it meant. He even met me out in the suburbs, where I live and work, so I could sign documents without missing work or having to drive downtown.

I recommend him highly as a compassionate and thorough advocate for anyone injured in a work-related accident or other personal injury.

– Glenn M.

I was involved in an automobile collision that was not my fault. It was complicated by the fact that I was traveling between places of work for my employer so I was not even sure whether this was going to be a negligence automobile collision personal injury case or a workers' compensation case or both or neither. I was hurt and confused.

When I contacted Stephen Hoffman, he immediately explained all the possibilities, the pros and cons, the procedures, and was genuinely concerned for my well being as well.

While this process could have been stressful and confusing, Stephen really made it a pleasure, staying in touch with me regularly and getting the case settled much quicker than I ever expected.

He is a thorough, personable lawyer who takes the time to get to know his clients, listens to their questions and concerns, and keeps them informed. I was amazed at how well he knew my case and how frequently I heard from him via email or phone with updates, explanations, and news.

While I hope to never need a personal injury lawyer or workers' compensation lawyer again, I would absolutely recommend Stephen L. Hoffman and Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC to anyone who needs an injury attorney. He is wonderful to deal with, professional, a great advocate, and someone who gets results for his clients. I was thrilled with how my case turned out and he documented everything he did; he is completely transparent, ethical and trustworthy.

I cannot recommend Stephen enough!

– Jessica S., a workers' compensation and personal injury client

I recently experienced a serious medical error caused by a pharmacy and became ill. I didn't know what my options were, so I turned to the internet and case across Stephen Hoffman's name. From the first phone call, Stephen immediately put my mind at ease and assured me that I had done the right thing in contacting him. He was sympathetic to what I had experienced and made sure I was in the loop regarding everything that was going on with my case. Stephen fought my case and in the end was able to surpass my expectations on the settlement he negotiated on my behalf. Should I or anyone I know or love ever find themselves in need of a personal injury lawyer, I would not hesitate to send them to Stephen Hoffman.

– Carrie E., a personal injury client

I work as an aircraft mechanic. Everything was great until May 30th when I fell at work while stepping from a stand into a plane. This is the exact same task I have done many times over, but this time I slipped and twisted my knee on the way down. After a very unpleasant ambulance ride from O'Hare to the hospital, and writing statements for the company about how I slipped on the wet stand (it was drizzling that night), I was finally able to partake in the world of prescribed pain pills. I started looking for a workers comp lawyer. I talked with about a dozen but one stood out. On May 31st, I received a call from the company handling my workers comp claim for my employer. They wanted a statement over the phone and the fact that I was on narcotic pain pills didn't bother them. I wasn't sure what I was doing or saying while on the drugs. At this point I realized I needed professional help to look out for my best interests. I informed the caller that I retained an Attorney and referred them to Stephen Hoffman.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could make. Over the next 10 months I had 2 surgeries and many months of rehab. When I was scheduled for a surgery and the surgery clinic said the workers comp failed to approve the surgery, I called Stephen Hoffman (he actually answers his own phone). After I explained the problem he said he would take care of it. Thirty minutes later the clinic received approval for the surgery. When my paychecks got delayed, a call to Stephen Hoffman and the checks were straightened out. Each time I called him, he made time for me and on the rare occasion when I got his voicemail, he called me back within a short time. If I asked for more then what I was entitled to, he was straightforward and never misled or gave me false hope. In the end, he got me a very fair settlement.

I never dreamt I would need a workers comp lawyer until I fell and hurt my knee. Hopefully you will never need a workers comp lawyer, but if you do you will be glad to have Stephen Hoffman looking out for your best interests.

– Tim Regan, a satisfied workers' compensation client