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Slippery Situation (Settlement Won in a Slip-and-Fall Case)

Premises liability cases, including slip-and-fall accidents, are always hard to win. Here’s a great example of one that ended with a substantial settlement.
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No SLAP in the Face (Settlement Won in Car Accident Case)

Find out how a diary, dash cam video, and an attorney who develops good relationships factored into a car accident settlement involving a SLAP shoulder injury.
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Insurance Refunds During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Don’t let the Covid-19 auto insurance refunds tempt you into canceling your coverage. Your auto insurance protects you even when you’re not driving a lot.
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Rebutting the Rebuttable Presumption: Covid-19 & Workers’ Compensation

Learn why a recent rule reversal by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission makes coronavirus Covid-19 claims difficult to prove for infected workers.
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Cancel Culture

If you consider cancelling your insurance policy, make absolutely certain that you do not expose yourself to significant personal liability risks.
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The Brave New World Created By Covid-19 — Working From a Social Distance

The coronavirus (Covid-19) may change the way many people work in the future. How will industries and work change from social distancing and the pandemic?
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Coronavirus Insurance

Some travelers are discovering that trips cancelled because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) may be excluded from travel / trip insurance policy coverage.
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What’s God Got To Do With It? (Insurance Limitations & Exclusions)

What does it mean when your insurance company denies your claim because the damage was caused by an act of God? Learn about insurance limitations & exclusions.
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How Do I Pay My Lawyer? (Fee Agreements Explained)

Lawyers charge fees in different ways, depending on the situation. Here are the basic types of fee agreements, such as contingent fees in personal injury cases.
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What’s Yours Is…Owed to Someone Else (How Much Will You Get?)

How much money do you get after a personal injury settlement or verdict? Find out who and what has to be paid before you get your share of the compensation.
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