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Insurance Scams in Personal Injury Cases (Why You Should Never Exaggerate Injuries)

If you might have a personal injury case, the worst thing you can do is exaggerate or falsify the extent of your injuries. Insurance scams will ruin your case.
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Snow & Ice Injuries — Whose Fault Is It?

Can you get compensation for your injuries when you slip and fall on snow and ice? Find out the legal rules that apply to liability for snow and ice accidents.
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Cooperating With Your Insurance Company After an Accident

If you’re injured in an auto accident, you must cooperate with your insurance company. If you don’t, you may lose coverage. Witnesses should also cooperate.
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What Makes Expert Depositions Different From Other Depositions?

Expert depositions often are part of the evidence in a personal injury case. Find out how an expert witness is used, and how expert depositions work.
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Hit and Run — What Does It Mean and What Can You Do?

What accidents qualify as a hit and run, and what you should do when you receive injuries in a hit and run accident? (Sometimes, your own insurance covers you.)
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One Moment of Inattention, a Lifetime of Pain — Dangers of Spectator Sports Injuries

Spectator sports injuries can be deadly or cause a lifetime of pain. Yet disclaimers insulate teams from liability. When will more be done to protect fans?
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E-Cigarettes—Your Health Up In Smoke

The news on e-cigarettes and vaping is disturbing. Chemicals make them addictive and cause illness and permanent lung damage. Teens are especially at risk.
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School’s Out For The Summer … But Summer’s Almost Over (Heads Up on School Traffic Safety!)

When summer is over, school traffic safety becomes extremely important. Read a summary of key Illinois traffic laws and safety tips for the school year.
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Wrong place, wrong time — Is vicarious liability for murder Legal? Is it Just?

Five Chicago teens face vicarious liability for murder because someone else shot their friend while they committed a felony. Is the felony murder rule fair?
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Depositions in a Personal Injury Case Are Fun. (Well, not really. But here’s what you need to know.)

Do you have to go a deposition in a personal injury case? Here’s everything you need to know, from an experienced personal injury attorney.
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