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Attorney Stephen Hoffman Has Been a Lawyer for 31 Years Now. Click to Learn More About Chicago's Personal Injury Attorney.
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An Off-the-Cuff Discussion of Rotator Cuffs

Rotator Cuff Injuries Are Incredibly Common in the U.S.. Read More About the Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint, the Causes of Injury, and the Treatments.
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Categories: Personal Injury

Independent Medical Exam

After a work accident, you may be asked to complete an independent medical exam. Get all the ins and outs you need before you take your exam.
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Categories: Insurance, Work Injuries

Meniscus Tears

Meniscus injuries, particularly in the knee, can be caused by anything from repetitive workplace motions to slipping in a parking lot to a car crash. Learn what you should do if you injure your knee.
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What Does Med Pay Anyway?

Med Pay? Health Insurance? Car Crash? How these all work together is a complicated web. Contact an experienced attorney to help you navigate.
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Categories: Insurance

What’s So Funny About Slipping, Sliding, and Falling?

Falling on snow or ice is no laughing matter. Despite the likelihood of injury, these cases can be difficult. Find out what you should do if you fall and what your duty is as a property owner.
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Categories: Premises Liability

Why Can’t I Sue the Insurance Company?

Insurance carriers are heavily involved in the settling of auto accident claims. Why then do we not sue the insurance company? Read more to find out.
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Can I Sue for Gross and Disgusting?

The last thing anyone wants to see in their food is something gross. But not every roach in your bun equates to a lawsuit. Learn when you can and can’t sue for disgusting.
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Categories: Personal Injury

I Hereby Judge You Summarily…

A motion for Summary Judgment is a tool frequently used by defense counsel to dismiss or delay a case. Learn how plaintiff attorneys fight back!
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Don’t Become Comfortably Numb

Numbness can be a symptom of a serious injury, and after an accident, any numbness should be reported right away. Chicago attorney Stephen Hoffman explains.
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