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Ensure Your Bills Get Paid By Insurance

After an accident, you may find that your health plan doesn’t cover your medical bills. What can you do to ensure your bills get paid? Read to find out.
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Wheels of Justice—Are they Round?

Workers’ Comp cases can move so slowly that the wheels of justice feel like square rocks. But with the right attorney, you may still be pleased by the results.
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How Right (Turns) Can Be Wrong

The Dreaded Left Turn Sadly Isn’t the Only Cause of Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents. Right Turns Require Just as Much Care to be Done Safely. Read More.
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What to Do After an Auto Accident

If You are in an Auto Accident, Here is the Step-by-Step Process of What to Do. Be Prepared in Case You Find Yourself in a Crash.
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Categories: Auto Accidents

MSA, Not MESS (Medicare Set Asides in Workers’ Compensation Cases)

For injured workers eligible for or receiving Medicare, a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) may be required as part of a workers’ comp settlement. Learn more about MSAs.
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Categories: Work Injuries

Left Is Not Right (Why Left Turns Cause A Lot of Accidents)

Many drivers do not make left turns in the way Illinois law requires. That causes a lot of accidents. Learn why making a left turn requires special attention.
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What You Don’t Know About Your Car Insurance Can Hurt You

Do you know why it’s essential to have Uninsured Motorists / UM and Underinsured Motorists / UIM coverage in your auto accident policy? Here are the answers.
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Day Care(less): What Happens When a Minor Child Has a Personal Injury Claim?

Special rules apply when a minor child has a personal injury claim, including approval by a judge and deposit in a special account. Learn how it all works.
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Categories: Personal Injury

Tent Comes Crashing Down (Anatomy of a Premises Liability Case)

Premises liability cases involve many complex and difficult issues. Find out why you need a lawyer if you receive serious injuries on someone else’s property.
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Crashing to a Conclusion: Navigating Hurdles on the Way to Settlement

Reaching a settlement in a workers’ comp or personal injury case sometimes requires resolving unanticipated issues. Here’s an example of how that can happen.
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