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What Makes Expert Depositions Different From Other Depositions?

Expert depositions often are part of the evidence in a personal injury case. Find out how an expert witness is used, and how expert depositions work.
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Hit and Run — What Does It Mean and What Can You Do?

What accidents qualify as a hit and run, and what you should do when you receive injuries in a hit and run accident? (Sometimes, your own insurance covers you.)
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One Moment of Inattention, a Lifetime of Pain — Dangers of Spectator Sports Injuries

Spectator sports injuries can be deadly or cause a lifetime of pain. Yet disclaimers insulate teams from liability. When will more be done to protect fans?
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School’s Out For The Summer … But Summer’s Almost Over (Heads Up on School Traffic Safety!)

When summer is over, school traffic safety becomes extremely important. Read a summary of key Illinois traffic laws and safety tips for the school year.
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