In 2021, I fell and tore up my shoulder at work. This was due to some mats that the employees had warned the administration about. I’m a nurse. When they finally ok’d my visit to a surgeon, I actually picked one that was one of the owners of my surgical facility. I picked him because of his skill and expertise. The interesting thing is that he was the one who urged me to get a workman’s comp lawyer. So I googled WC lawyers and found Steve. I liked his personality over the phone; he had good reviews so I hired him. This was the beginning of a 3+ year struggle to get compensation from my employer. I had surgery; physical therapy and was actually able to return to work after a very long rehab. To say that the insurance company dragged their feet is a GROSS understatement. But all through this 3 year struggle, Steve kept me informed and updated even when there was no news. This whole thing is very complicated and I’m so glad I listened to my surgeon. What the insurance company and Human Resources try to do is beat you down at every step, and without an attorney running interference, they will have you questioning your own sanity. I believe they drag it out in the hopes the injured party will just give up. Fortunately, I had an attorney with a good sense of humor that kept me from being discouraged; explained everything and didn’t let me give up. I don’t know how he managed to deal with so many idiots—-I sure wouldn’t be able to without screaming like a fishwife over the phone. I’m glad it’s over but I have learned a lot. And now, when someone has an accident at their job, I’m the one saying, ‘Get a lawyer. I’ve got a name.’ BTW, I never saw him in the flesh until we met so I could pick up the checks. He’s extremely tall.