What to do in a Traffic Stop

1) Be polite

Police don't like smart alecks. Be polite without being officious or condescending. Remember, Mr. or Mrs. Police Officer is doing his or her job and is not trying to make your life difficult unless you make his or her life difficult. You might not be let off free to go, but you will not add additional charges if you behave like a human being. DO NOT ARGUE OR CHALLENGE THE "FACTS" OF WHICH THE OFFICER ADVISES YOU (i.e.--"Did you know you were going 20 miles over the speed limit?" "No way! I was just going with traffic!" is a very bad thing to say!). Remain calm, polite, and quiet.

2) Do NOT volunteer information

Answer the questions posed in one sentence or less. Wait for the next question. Provide information such as an insurance card and driver's license without a hassle. Do not allow anyone to search your car. Do not volunteer information. Do not admit to criminal behavior ("I only had a few beers before getting behind the wheel, officer."). I the officer asks you something you are uncertain about, clam up and ask to speak to a lawyer. Nothing good ever happens when you speak to a police officer.

3) Do NOT get out of your vehicle unless requested to do so

Stay put and let the police officer come to you. He or she will not want you to exit your vehicle because that can be seen as threatening behavior.

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