I sustained a torn rotator cuff when I fell while at work. At first, I was not really sure what my rights were or even how to go about filing a case under the Workers' Compensation Act. I called Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC after seeing an article on workers' compensation written by Stephen Hoffman that explained rights under workers' compensation.

Stephen L. Hoffman did such a great job of explaining the entire process to me, filing my case, and ultimately settling it for far more money than I had contemplated, it made the entire experience a good one, despite the fact that I would have preferred never having to hurt my shoulder or undergo surgery in the first place.

Stephen L. Hoffman, of the Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC, made my entire experience as a first-time client a learning experience. Every question I had was answered by my attorney. I was able to contact Stephen by phone and email and receive a response within hours if he was not available. He kept me advised of everything that happened in my case, explained the import of each twist and turn, and made sure I understood the entire process and what it meant. He even met me out in the suburbs, where I live and work, so I could sign documents without missing work or having to drive downtown.

I recommend him highly as a compassionate and thorough advocate for anyone injured in a work-related accident or other personal injury.