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Retain a Lawyer

We live in a DIY (do it yourself) age. You can simply go to YouTube and find dozens of videos explaining how to change a tire, stain your deck, replace a toilet, or get better abs, so why not how to handle your own personal injury or workers’ compensation case?

The problem is that, believe it or not, the three years I spent in law school coupled with the 26 years I’ve practiced injury law have actually prepared me to handle these matters with quite a bit of specialized knowledge. In short, I know what the insurance company and defense attorney is looking for or trying to exploit. I understand the way the case is being evaluated. This means I know how to present the evidence in a manner that is to the client’s advantage.

Insurance companies use proprietary software to evaluate claims. They know more about you than you do!

Are you still sure you can DIY?

Keep Your Lawyer Informed

Use your lawyer to your advantage by making sure he or she is kept aware of your medical treatment, issues you are having physically, and anything else you may have questions about.

Do not assume that your lawyer knows what is going on in your life unless you tell him!

Remember, you are paying your lawyer a portion of your settlement or verdict, so he is being paid. It is probably not necessary to call him 5 times a day, but it is perfectly reasonable to talk to him once or twice a month, and certainly more frequently during key times, such as nearing trial, settlement, depositions, or the end of medical treatment. Be sure to understand and agree to the ground rules of mutual communication with your lawyer before you retain him!

Keep a Diary

Your homework is to keep a diary, which we have discussed in previous blogs. Essentially, you are keeping track of the ways your body and daily routine has changed as a result of your injuries.

Write it down and make sure your lawyer gets a copy when you are released from the doctor.

The best way for you to remember how it was when things were “bad” is to write it down contemporaneously. It can be a spreadsheet, an email, or scrawled notes, but the important thing is to ensure that you are communicating how your life was during that difficult time when your body was injured and you “just weren’t the same.”

Ask Questions

I see people who have lawyers regularly posting questions on legal help message boards. The first question I have to ask myself is why aren’t you asking your lawyer?

Like I said above, it is not okay to call your lawyer daily or multiple times in a day unless there is a crisis. But your lawyer should (and actually has an ethical duty) respond to your calls and emails promptly. If he or she is not doing so, this could be the hint of trouble in the future.

Much like computers, law offices are only as good as the information put into them.

Feed your lawyer information so he can put your case in the best possible posture for the best possible result.


  • Retain a lawyer
  • Keep him informed
  • Keep a diary
  • Ask him questions

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