Hot Coffee-McDonald's Documentary

The HBO-documentary, Hot Coffee, explores the misconceptions, corporate-funded lies, and other manipulation behind the "McDonald's Hot Coffee" case.

This is shown on HBO or On Demand.

If you do not have HBO, I suggest viewing the following links I have included here: the trailer for the movie, a series of interviews exploring the case, and an interview with the movie's creator, Susan Saladoff.

Keep in mind as you watch this that McDonald's refused to settle and demanded a trial. Also, keep in mind, this had happened over 700 times previously.

This shows how corporate America funds misinformation campaigns and uses them to back tort reform efforts.

As this space has argued long and hard, tort reform, workers' compensation reform, and other things designed to "reform" the "wasteful frivilous lawsuits" and "greedy trial lawyers" are often not based on fact at all but on sound bites designed specifically to manipulate the public into believing what may not be true.

Much like the things we've been told about weapons of mass destruction, "mission accomplished," and the impossible cost of national health insurance, it has very little to do with reality.

Please watch this documentary and send in your comments. We'd love to hear what YOU think.

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