Chicago Bar Association-Solo & Small Practitioner Committee Meeting

Chicago Bar Association-S…

It was fantastic to close the Fiscal Meeting Year out with a great presentation by Dan Saavedra, who gave his Ten Tips for Bringing in More Clients Online. We all learned something we didn't know before and Dan, as always, did a fabulous job of interacting with us and providing real world tips.

Nice to see so many old friends (you know who you are!) as well as some new members. We all become better lawyers when we cooperate and share our experience with others.

Wonderful too for Ken Levinson and I to be able to celebrate our fifth year as co-chairs of the committee. Coincidentally, Ken celebrated the one year anniversary today of his new firm he founded.

I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend on Bar Association Committee matters. It is a very rewarding experience that makes me happy to be able to give back to my legal community.

Next September re-starts our monthly meetings, which culminate in our annual seminar in May. Based upon the success of this past year, we hope next year will build upon that and be even better and more productive.