Happy Anniversary To Me!

iStock_young_couple_review_financesI just wanted to write a short and somewhat self-involved blog entry today to celebrate the fact that today marks the twenty-first year that I've been a lawyer.

In those twenty-one years I have been honored to represent people injured in many different ways. Some were hurt while working, others due to auto collisions, still others due to medical negligence or products being fault. In all cases, these fine, hard-working, people came to me during some frightening and difficult times and it was my pleasure to be able to shepherd them through the process but also to explain that process to them and listen to their stories of how the injuries had affected their lives. Hopefully, all thought I did my best job and were satisfied with the result reached but more importantly, I hope that all of them felt that I had treated them with respect and dignity. I certainly have been fortunate enough to learn about dignity in trying situations frommany of these clients.

Most significant, however, is that this has been a relationship; a partnership. Symbiotically, my clients relied upon my talents and I relied upon their trust. Mutually, we both benefitted and became stronger for the combination of our singular aim, which was to attain fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries. If I helped explain the legal process, or even shared tips on how to manage back pain, I can only hope those whom I have represented over the years benefitted half as much as I benefitted from providing those services. Folks, we are in this together and I have your back. Thanks to all of you for trusting me with your cases, your questions, and the issues arising from them.

While I am celebrating my anniversary as a lawyer today, it is actually a celebration that is shared and made possible by the wonderful clients I have had over the years. Without you, I would not have been able to accomplish what I have in this time. Thank you!

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