Illinois House Passes "Uhl's Law"

A common sense and relatively uncontroversial "reform" of the state's workers' compensation law passed the Illinois House unanimously. See the latest news report here.

As has been written about a great deal on this blog, this case involved a lot more than death, a state trooper, and workers' compensation. The actual conduct of the hearing and behavior of the arbitrator hearing the case cause nearly as much concern as the actual collision itself.

If this eventually passes in the Senate and is signed into law, it would preclude recovery under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act for workers who are injured while in the process of committing a felony.

This particular case not only spawned this particular effort but also led to a review of arbitrator conduct in cases as well as filing of their own cases. It seems to be a particular example of one terrible thing occurring and opening up a Pandora's Box of previously little-known issues.

For injured workers, of more immediate concern is what legislation is eventually proposed to limit rights of injured workers. As has been discussed here many times, the nation-wide movement to "save money" has created a host of alleged "reform" actions often not founded in fact. Workers should pay particular attention to any further attempts by the Illinois legislature to modify, preclude or limit their rights under workers compensation.

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