Summer Driving Season

Sure, the price of gas is above $4 a gallon in places, but it still is time to look toward the summer driving "season" with a watchful eye. First of all, because the economy remains sluggish, it seems likely more vacations will be close to home--involving automobiles and not airplanes. Thus, even more people, in spite of the gas prices soaring upward, will be on the roads.

Keep in mind that more people driving, often while in transit to or from social events where alcohol is served, mean that you, the other people on the road should be mindful, watchful, and careful.

In short, be on the lookout for dangerous or erratic driving.

Most important, just in case something bad should happen, make sure NOW that you are properly insured. Check your coverage TODAY, not tomorrow, and make sure that what you have for when you need it is appropriate for the worst case scenario.

If you have any questions about what exact coverage you should have, please visit my website and look through some of the blog posts and newsletters where this issue has been addressed. If you still have questions, as always, feel free to give me a call. I'd be happy to walk you through what I know from my perspective.

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