Facebook User Sued In Fatal Crash

An article in the Chicago Tribune Februar 16, 2011 features the dangers of allegedly using social networking sites while driving.


In this particular incident, while it is disputed whether or not the driver was updating his Facebook account while driving, the mere possibility that this could be the case brings to light the dangers of using social networking and how it can lead to personal injury claims, not just in Illinois or the Chicago area, but anywhere.

In the article, it notes that a Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuit was filed in the Cook County Circuit Court by the daughter of the individual killed. It claims the Facebook page of the person who allegedly caused the crash was updated at 7:54 a.m., which happens to be the exact time the cell phone of the decedent registered a 911 call.

As we have discussed on these pages many times, not only is texting and using an electronic device while driving illegal in most cases, it can be fatal.

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