I work as an aircraft mechanic. Everything was great until May 30th when I fell at work while stepping from a stand into a plane. This is the exact same task I have done many times over, but this time I slipped and twisted my knee on the way down. After a very unpleasant ambulance ride from O'Hare to the hospital, and writing statements for the company about how I slipped on the wet stand (it was drizzling that night), I was finally able to partake in the world of prescribed pain pills. I started looking for a workers comp lawyer. I talked with about a dozen but one stood out. On May 31st, I received a call from the company handling my workers comp claim for my employer. They wanted a statement over the phone and the fact that I was on narcotic pain pills didn't bother them. I wasn't sure what I was doing or saying while on the drugs. At this point I realized I needed professional help to look out for my best interests. I informed the caller that I retained an Attorney and referred them to Stephen Hoffman.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could make. Over the next 10 months I had 2 surgeries and many months of rehab. When I was scheduled for a surgery and the surgery clinic said the workers comp failed to approve the surgery, I called Stephen Hoffman (he actually answers his own phone). After I explained the problem he said he would take care of it. Thirty minutes later the clinic received approval for the surgery. When my paychecks got delayed, a call to Stephen Hoffman and the checks were straightened out. Each time I called him, he made time for me and on the rare occasion when I got his voicemail, he called me back within a short time. If I asked for more then what I was entitled to, he was straightforward and never misled or gave me false hope. In the end, he got me a very fair settlement.

I never dreamt I would need a workers comp lawyer until I fell and hurt my knee. Hopefully you will never need a workers comp lawyer, but if you do you will be glad to have Stephen Hoffman looking out for your best interests.