Stephen Hoffman Was A Great Choice

I was injured in a car vs. pedestrian accident. Stephen was recommended to me by a family member, and never having used a lawyer, I was glad to have the name of someone who was held in high esteem personally and professionally. The results of my accident involved an extended period of time lost from work, having to navigate the medical process of having surgery through completing physical therapy, and, of course, the legal case against the driver who hit me.

I was underinsured at the time of the accident and so was the driver, which is unfortunate. In addition to making sure that the driver’s insurance company paid out the maximum amount, Stephen also encouraged me to examine my insured status further. It turns out I was also covered under a family member’s auto insurance policy as I was staying under their roof at the time of the accident. Stephen managed to win for me a far greater sum than if I had only relied on the driver’s insurance. It’s a good thing that I had Stephen in my corner.

Stephen showed patience in answering my questions promptly at all times during the legal process. Trusting in his attention to every legal detail left me to focus on my recovery. He even provided encouragement when the pace of my recovery process seemed to lag. When it came time for the settlement to be handed over, Stephen and I met for breakfast and discussed how the legal proceedings went. Learning more about him, such as his previous career in education and his strong work ethic rounded out the picture for me. Stephen Hoffman was a great choice.

-Quinn Scott