Stephen did a great job of explaining the entire process to me, the pros and cons of each step, and the strengths and weaknesses of my case.

Despite some facts that were clearly stacked against me, Stephen secured a great settlement for my injuries when a porch railing collapsed and threw me two stories to the ground. My heel was fractured and needed surgery. I still have screws in my heel, but I am back at work and mostly pain-free.

Stephen got me a fantastic result in a very short time period despite some definite problems in proving my case. He pushed hard and demonstrated the defective condition of the porch. This convinced the property owner to compensate me fairly.

In all, Stephen was great to work with, taking the time to respond to every email, phone call, or text message I sent him, answering all my questions, keeping me completely aware of everything going on in my case, and getting a great result. I recommend his firm for anyone who wants a great lawyer with superior communication skills.