I was involved in an automobile collision that was not my fault. It was complicated by the fact that I was traveling between places of work for my employer so I was not even sure whether this was going to be a negligence automobile collision personal injury case or a workers' compensation case or both or neither. I was hurt and confused.

When I contacted Stephen Hoffman, he immediately explained all the possibilities, the pros and cons, the procedures, and was genuinely concerned for my well being as well.

While this process could have been stressful and confusing, Stephen really made it a pleasure, staying in touch with me regularly and getting the case settled much quicker than I ever expected.

He is a thorough, personable lawyer who takes the time to get to know his clients, listens to their questions and concerns, and keeps them informed. I was amazed at how well he knew my case and how frequently I heard from him via email or phone with updates, explanations, and news.

While I hope to never need a personal injury lawyer or workers' compensation lawyer again, I would absolutely recommend Stephen L. Hoffman and Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC to anyone who needs an injury attorney. He is wonderful to deal with, professional, a great advocate, and someone who gets results for his clients. I was thrilled with how my case turned out and he documented everything he did; he is completely transparent, ethical and trustworthy.

I cannot recommend Stephen enough!