Ian Monaghan

I received a very bad electrical shock at work while working with an improperly installed/maintained crane at work last year. Though my symptoms after this incident were immediate and severe, they were not typical issues associated with electrical injuries. Due to this my employer claimed that my injury was not work related and refused to cover anything associated with my injury, including the initial doctor visit.

I was then told that it was unlikely I would receive anything from workman’s compensation by an attorney friend of mine who practices in a different state. At this point I didn’t expect much, but did my research and found Mr. Stephen Hoffman who agreed to look into my case.

Upon speaking with Mr. Hoffman he presented me my options and gave me a realistic assessment of my situation from a legal perspective. Although several people including Mr. Hoffman had told me it would be very difficult to win my case, he agreed to pursue it. I’m sure this was because he understood my situation, believed my story, and thought it was the right thing to do.

Mr. Hoffman took on my “unwinnable” case with the clear understanding that it was unlikely that the time he put in on it would provide any payoff in the end. Even still Mr. Hoffman spent the next several months arguing on my behalf with my employer and their insurance provider, and in the end was able to win a settlement that covered the medical bills and time I lost related to this injury.

In the grand scheme of things my case was relatively small in dollars and severity, but Stephen Hoffman pursued it with the same vigor you’d expect with the largest of cases and won for me when I’d been assured by several attorneys that it was “nearly impossible to prove” my case.

Thank you Stephen for your time, your efforts, and the respectful treatment you gave me and my case from start to finish.