Stephen Hoffman did a fabulous job on my case, not only with the end result exceeding my expectations many times over, but in his personal involvement and caring attention to every detail.

I was involved in a serious auto crash in the Spring of 2008 which resulted in a herniated disc in my lower back and torn soft tissue in my knee. As a result, I had surgeries on both my back and knee and missed nearly six months of work. In addition, my left side was severely bruised and I suffered permanent nerve damage to my left leg and hip.

Stephen really listened to me and helped me through some of the times when the pain and stress of the situation started to overwhelm me. He explained every step of the legal process and made sure I understood his planned strategy and included me as a partner in this process.

Not only is Stephen a great lawyer but he is a hard-working and compassionate person. This combination led to a great result in my case. I recommend him to anyone!