I never thought I would find myself in the kind of situation that would require the services of an attorney with personal injury expertise. Sure enough, last year I found Stephen Hoffman based on his positive ratings on Avvo and contacted him while I was laid up with a broken ankle after having done some unscheduled ice dancing on a Chicago sidewalk.

I couldn't have found a better attorney! Every step of the way, Stephen kept me in the loop; hearing my concerns, giving me honest feedback and using past experience to chart where he thought we stood in the short and long term of our case and any resolutions. Throughout the process, I felt like a partner and active participant in my case. It was a hugely positive experience. In my specific situation, Stephen was able to successfully negotiate a settlement, negotiate with Blue Cross (my health insurance), and avoid court. I was tremendously happy with his results. Stephen and I tended to communicate most easily by email; I enjoyed that method and it saved me a lot of time.

In my experience, SLR is a tremendously sharp, compassionate, intelligent, and hardworking attorney. Plus, he's got an awesome sense of humor. I would definitely hire him again or recommend him to friends and family.