Amy P.

After being rear-ended in a construction zone by a semi-truck, I knew had a strong case. However, after working in the legal profession myself for more than a decade, I was selective with finding proper representation. While everyone wants "a good lawyer," what drove my search was a bit different. I refused to support the all-too-common aggressive shark; I instead wanted to retain an attorney whose motives I believed in. I wanted to hire someone whose ethics and values resonated with my own - someone whose contingent fee I would feel good about supporting when the case was closed. Meet Stephen Hoffman. I found Stephen through reviews such as these. He piqued my interest with his vast social reputation. I appreciated his tech-savvy nature, and his clients' reviews were all positive to boot. Stephen made it to round two, because of his commitment to advancing the profession via his work with the Chicago Bar Association Solo and Small Practitioner Committee. An attorney who commits time to bettering the profession would likely have high standards for his own practice. But what was the deciding factor to choose Stephen as my counsel? His character. Stephen is a down-to-earth, honest, humble, and caring attorney - rare traits in this field. Throughout the case, I was confident having Stephen by my side. He kept me well-informed, emailed often, and even drove to my office to meet. When hiring an attorney, you have a choice, and I am honored to say that I chose Stephen Hoffman - a lawyer whose ethics and personality not only earned my business, but also should be the standard in attorney-client relationships.