Truck-Auto Collision Settlement

Our client, a young woman in her 20s at the time of the crash, was rear ended by a semi-truck tractor-trailer traveling too fast to be able to stop in a construction zone. The trucker, who had been with the company for many years, was ultimately fired due to this incident.

The damage from the impact injured her left (dominant) shoulder, which required surgery to repair a SLAP tear. She also sustained injuries to her back and neck, and to both hips, one of which required surgery.

While she made a good recovery, these injuries exposed her to large medical bills, even after her health insurance paid the great majority of them. Further, she was forced to work from home several periods of time while recuperating from her surgeries.

What appeared to be a "simple" case of negligence became more involved, as the defense argued that some of her injuries occurred prior to the impact caused by their inattentive truck driver. In order to refute these suggestions, we traveled to several states to take depositions of witnesses, presented several of the Plaintiff's treating doctors for depositions, and worked hard to ultimately resolve the matter for $500,000.00.