Common Car Accident Causes and Injuries

When most people think of "personal injury," usually the first scenario they envision is an automobile crash. That is the most common type of personal injury case.

Better Cars — More Injuries?

Cars are being built to better absorb impact, which also may transfer much of that energy to the occupant(s), leaving him (them) injured as a result. MOST INJURIES THAT OCCUR AS A RESULT OF A CAR CRASH ARE NOT VISIBLE AND ARE NOT APPARENT INITIALLY. That is one reason why it is so crucial to get checked out medically and to follow up within 24-48 hours.

High Safety Standards, "Whiplash" and Concussions

Except for some extremely old vehicles on the road, almost all cars and SUVs have, at a minimum, front seat air bags. Most new cars, especially those beyond a minimal price point, have side curtain air bags and rear seat air bags. Add to this protection the well-designed seat belt and harness systems that are mandatory in all vehicles, and, if used correctly, you have as much protection to vehicle occupants as ever before. It may also mean more concussions than ever before, as all that force has to go somewhere, often causing the "whiplash" motion of the head and neck to bruise the brain.

More Driving Distractions

However, to go along with that protection we have far more distractions than ever to drivers, making the roads, at least perceivably, far less safe than ever. With the advent of smart phones, satellite radio, Bluetooth technology, and other things that suck our attention away from the road, it is now a good bet that the next time you are out driving, you will encounter someone texting, emailing, listening to music, making a phone call, or even playing a game on their phone. Despite the fact that Illinois law makes this activity illegal while driving, many people justify such behavior.

What this means is that you are at risk for being involved in a motor vehicle crash even if you drive safely.

A Driver's Duty of "Reasonable Care"

For the most part, the legal process applies to auto crashes by placing a duty of "reasonable care" upon all drivers. That means that you will travel the speed limit, slow down when approaching intersections, be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, pass with caution, and yield the right of way when turning left. In short, every driver on the road is expected to drive reasonably carefully. Unfortunately, not all do. Thus, the risk of being involved in an accident.

Where You Injured? Contact a Chicago Car Accident Attorney

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