Mobile Site Active

Smart_Phone-iStock_000021921443XSmall1It's finally here!

Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC now has an enhanced mobile site, which is located at the same address as our regular website, It should default directly to the mobile version when you go to the site from a mobile device, although some may need to check your settings and/or erase your cookies.

The great thing about the mobile site is that it is custom tailored to work on your smart phone or mobile devices, easy to read and navigate, and has special features not found on the standard website.

This is something you should bookmark on your phone or Ipad.

It provides useful information, including:

  • What to do (and not do) if you are ever involved in an automobile, slip and fall, or work-related accident. This is my favorite part of the site because it provides you with a "how to" guide to follow step by step at a time when you are likely to be stressed and unable to think logically.
  • An explanation of insurance and what your coverage includes and means.
  • You can schedule a consultation right from your phone.

Anyone with a teenage driver in the house should make this site required reading.

I hope that this mobile site enhances your understanding of what to do in the event you are in an incident involving personal injury or are injured at work. My goal remains to serve clients well and I hope this enhanced mobile site makes the experience even better.

Obviously, if you have comments, concerns, or other things you would like to mention about this site, please contact me.

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