Holiday Wishes To Be Careful

Snow_Plow_Truck_in_Lot-iStock_000006798464XSmall1So you're probably expecting the "end of the year in review" post or the "holiday thanks" card/blog post.

But while our hopes for best holiday wishes are always extended, and while we could type endlessly about what you need to know about the law and how it affects you with regard to personal injury and workers' compensation, we decided it is a lot more important just to say thank you to everyone who made this past year possible and to also quietly remind everyone to be careful this holiday season.

The simple fact is that crashes occur, workplace injuries happen, and even the best doctors make errors. We are more distracted than ever before, with information bombarding our already deficient attentions 24/7. Sure, there are laws against texting, "distracted driving" and the like, but we are human, fallible, impulsive, rushed, and short of sleep and time. In short, we mean well but often make mistakes. As I drove on I-55 yesterday and watched the driver next to me texting for 2 minutes straight it definitely made me realize how true this is and how dangerous the roads have become. Further, when I ride my bicycle and almost get run over regularly by drivers who don't seem to see me. People are in their own little worlds more and more frequently!

Keep in mind all of this when you are driving to and from holiday gatherings (let's face it; no matter what type of holiday it might be, it generally involves family, friends, and food, with alcohol thrown into the mix often). Drive defensively, keep alert for people who aren't aware of their surroundings, from out of the area and unfamiliar with where they are going, and bad weather. You know it has to snow soon so be ready for it and carry extra snow brushes, gloves, hats, ice scrapers, flares, salt, and sand in the car. And, it goes without saying, don't drink and drive.

Always carry your automobile insurance card with you or in your car and also keep your health insurance information handy too.

Make sure you've read all my prior blog posts about what to do if you are involved in an automobile collision or work-related accident.

There are also helpful videos on my website that will explain step by step what to do and not to do if these events occur to you.

Be careful and try to avoid dangerous situations. Be prepared just in case.

Now go enjoy the holiday season, friends, family, food, and football, basketball, or your sport of choice (hockey in my case, although the NHL does take a Christmas break unlike the NBA and NFL)!

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