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On May 20, 2015, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., I am honored to be speaking and hosting the Chicago Bar Association Seminar. As Co-Chair of the CBA Solo and Small Practitioner Committee, it is gratifying and humbling to be able to put together such a great event. This year's seminar will be entitled "Toolkit for Starting and Growing a Law Firm," something I have done and will continue to do. I certainly hope to share my knowledge, as well as learn from others who have been successful in doing the same.

My section will deal with "Integrating Your Practice Into Your Life; or Not. Work-Life Balance, Efficiency, and Strategies For Staying Profitable, Happy, and Sane. I look forward to demonstrating that it is possible to grow a thriving practice while remaining happy and sane.

Other featured speakers include, my Co-Chair, Kenneth H. Levinson, and his partner, Jay Stefani. In addition to that all-star cast, we also have Charles A. Krugel, a nationally-known speaker and writer on labor issues, Allison Wood, a phenomenal speaker and writer on ethical issues, Pete Kestner, Eric Kahn, and Steve Gorny.

"Lessons Learned Leaving and Starting a Firm," features Ken and Steve. Jay speaks on "Making Partner." Pete presents "Building a Successful Practice." Allison tackles "How to Ethically Close/Sell/Transition Your Law Practice." Eric will share his "Top 10 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Law Firm," and Chuck Krugel will share his thoughts on Employment Issues for law firms.

Only one week to go, so sign up NOW! Hope to see all my Chicago attorney friends there.

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