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THE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION Committee Meeting Announcement

COMMITTEE: Solo/Small Firm Practitioner Committee MEETING DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. TOPIC: Marketing Practices Roundtable--Each Member brings 3 Strategies That Work, 3 That Do Not, and 3 You Would Like To Try. SPEAKERS/PANELISTS: Committee Members, Participants, Attendees Revenue Sustenance For Solos and Small Firms--How Do I keep Cash Flow Positive? What Practice Areas Are Quick Turnaround or Cost-Effective? MEMBERS AND ATTENDEES ARE INVITED TO BRING QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR SOLVING THIS AGE-OLD CONUNDRUM FOR SMALL FIRMS. WEBCAST: No Webcast Available MCLE CREDIT: TBD *Exact amount of MCLE credit will depend on actual length of program. (You will need to bring your membership card to electronically record your attendance at a meeting. If you need a replacement membership card, call the CBA Legal Bookstore at 312-554-2130.) CO-CHAIRS: Stephen L. Hoffman, Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC (,,, Kenneth H. Levinson, Levinson and Stefani,, ken@levinsonstefani.comVICE CHAIR: John A. Stefani, Levinson and Stefani,, LOCATION: CBA Headquarters, 321 South Plymouth Court. Ph: 312-554-2000. See display monitor in lobby for meeting room location LUNCH: Lunch is available for purchase at the CBA servery with CBA membership card. Non-members may purchase lunch tickets at the CBA shop.

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