Client, a female in her mid-50s

Client, a female in her mid-50s, sustained injuries to two separate areas of her body in three different accidents while working for a retailer. First, she injured her shoulder reaching back for something while working on a ladder. Then, she twisted her knee and reinjured the knee again a few months later.

To make matters even more difficult, while the client “knew” there was something wrong with her shoulder and needed further treatment and possibly surgery, the doctor for her employer’s insurance company reported that her shoulder was fine.

Through months of persistent struggle, Attorney Stephen Hoffman succeeded in getting an MRI exam of client’s shoulder paid for by her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Attorney Hoffman successfully put forth the argument that the use of crutches following client’s knee surgery caused further injury to her shoulder. Attorney Hoffman then established that a diagnostic test of the shoulder was needed. The MRI report revealed that she did, in fact, need surgery to repair an impingement. Both the MRI and the surgery on her shoulder were paid for by her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, who had originally denied injury and coverage.

Both knee injury cases and the shoulder injury case were settled in favor of the client. The client received full compensation for her lost wages and medical treatment and also a substantial amount of money for the permanent nature of both injuries.