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What’s Yours Is…Owed to Someone Else (How Much Will You Get?)

How much money do you get after a personal injury settlement or verdict? Find out who and what has to be paid before you get your share of the compensation.
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Insurance Scams in Personal Injury Cases (Why You Should Never Exaggerate Injuries)

If you might have a personal injury case, the worst thing you can do is exaggerate or falsify the extent of your injuries. Insurance scams will ruin your case.
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E-Cigarettes—Your Health Up In Smoke

The news on e-cigarettes and vaping is disturbing. Chemicals make them addictive and cause illness and permanent lung damage. Teens are especially at risk.
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Product Liability — What Is It and How Does It Work?

Most of us do not really understand products liability or know what really happened in that McDonald's hot coffee case.
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