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Can I Speak to a Lawyer?

Prospective clients call me all the time and the first thing out of their collective mouths is often “Can I speak to a lawyer?” or “Are you a lawyer?” In my case, despite the fact that during the pandemic I don’t exactly “look like a lawyer” most of the time, I can answer those questio…
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The Long Road to Yes (Part 2)

If you read my last blog post, you remember the story of my client A, who suffered injury from having his car rear-ended and then problems from a botched surgery. Unfortunately, as his physical injuries were getting under control, his insurer continued to resist paying his claim. UM, Why Does Your O…
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Why Can’t I Sue the Insurance Company?

Insurance carriers are heavily involved in the settling of auto accident claims. Why then do we not sue the insurance company? Read more to find out.
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I Hereby Judge You Summarily…

A motion for Summary Judgment is a tool frequently used by defense counsel to dismiss or delay a case. Learn how plaintiff attorneys fight back!
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