Are You (Looking) Through Turning?

Are You (Looking) Through…

One thing being a regular bicycle rider demonstrates to me is that probably nine out of ten drivers either are unaware, or don’t care, that they must look through their turn prior to beginning it. I observe drivers daily who start to make a turn (usually left, but also some right turns too) without considering the presence of pedestrians, cyclists, children, scooters, or dogs in their path in the crosswalk into which they are turning.

Most drivers are aware they must be certain the intersection is clear prior to making a turn. Especially regarding left turns, most drivers know this and most abide by this safety rule.

But who really looks ahead to see what awaits them on the street they are turning onto? Not many, unfortunately. This can lead to dire consequences.

The Law and Drivers

It is starkly clear that a turning driver of a motor vehicle MUST look ahead of his or her turn to ensure the crosswalk is clear of people BEFORE beginning the turn.

Best practice is to drive defensively—look not just in the crosswalk but anywhere in the path in which pedestrians, cyclists, and the like might be. Before you take your two-ton vehicle and “hope” there is no one in your path, how about making absolutely certain? The extra second or so saves lives.

What People Do Wrong; What You Can Do Right

Never begin a turn without scanning both the path in front of your vehicle, but also the path to your right and left. Next, look not just ahead of you, but also in the direction you are turning. I am always shocked at how little attention drivers pay to these basic safety tenets. Everyone is in such a hurry they fail to realize how horrific it would be for multiple families if they were to mow down a pedestrian.

The car or truck always “wins” these battles, with the damage often being permanent and serious. Take that extra second or two and make certain you have a clear path. And if you see someone lollygagging across the street with earbuds in, slowing down your commute, take a deep breath. Deal with it. You might be angry and frustrated. They are wrong and you are right.

Doesn’t matter. Killing someone because you’re ticked off doesn’t make your day or their day better.

Drive Like Lives Depend on It

Your vehicle is huge and heavy and lethal. You will always win those battles with pedestrians. Big deal. Hooray for you. You will still have it on your conscience that you broke someone’s leg, or worse, to save thirty seconds.

Don’t be that person.

Accept the fact that drivers are often distracted, as are pedestrians. Accept that not everyone is as conscientious as they should be. Instead of getting angry and doing something stupid or dangerous, accept the imperfection of our traffic culture and simply build in enough time so that you do look through your turns, every single time.

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